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What items are important in every android project? (Chief Trainer, Android – Samsung India)

Typically when you see the android application project structure in eclipse IDE you have the
common folders like source, which generally have all the java files and packages. Then you have
resource folder having many sub folders for incorporating layouts, styles, any constant string
values etc. These are typically in form of xml files, so developer needs to have an understanding
of xml as it gets generated in the back end. The resource folder also contain any common
image or media files that you will be using in the project any library which are from third party
which you want to import for use in your application which are generally in form of .jar are also
available in library folder. Most importantly you have an android manifest.xml file which is the
most important file in your application because it includes the roots for your app which the
platform will understand when the APK is deployed on the target device, including the version

of the platform for which the application is build for: like honeycomb or ginger bread or ice-
cream sandwich, then what kind of components are included in the application like activity,
screens, background services etc, and what kind of special permission your application needs
to make a call or have an internet connect or Bluetooth. These kind of things are listed in the
manifest xml which is checked by the platform that is your android device operating system at
the time of installation so that it can allow the app to use those privileges on the device. (Prashant Hinduja – Chief Trainer, Android – Samsung India)



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