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Please explain servlet cycle. (Senior Lecturer – Amplify Mindware)

In servlet life cycle three methods.

a. Init method
b. Service method
c. Destroy

Whenever client send a req. for any webpage which is a servlet the servlet instance or object if it’s not
created it will be created by web-server .

In the init method we will do the initialization steps suppose if have some variable which I have to be

Service method is the most important method which defines the business logic what my web app perform
or that particular page will perform from the service method call always go to your doget() and dopost()

At last we have Destroy method in which I am going release some resources some memory base resources
if I have to destroy the instance of the servlet.

So that is the life cycle of servlet.(Minakshi Salve – Senior Lecturer – Amplify Mindware)



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