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Any other points you would like to mention to guide students and young professionals on Java platform,like what kind of projects should student take during their studies,on Java platform? (Chief Trainer, Android – Samsung India)

If start is right then student can grow as professionals into the industry. Student should take on very challenging projects they should limit themselves only to core java if it is there in the syllabus or jsp, servlet if it is there in the syllabus they should search for new library and technique which have come up like ajax, jquery, jboss, glassfish, ejb, struts, Spring, hibernate, orm and so much and so for and even android, blackberry which are not […]

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What is the difference between servlet and an applet? (Senior Lecturer – Amplify Mindware)

Servlet is a server side programming where applet is a client base programming which executes on a client. Web browser and its mostly use for GUI application and when I say servlet it is used on the server side and getexecuted on the servlet container. (Minakshi Salve – Senior Lecturer – Amplify Mindware)

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How important is it to have knowledge of programming languages like C/C++, java etc.? (Business Excellence Leader – Honeywell Building Solutions)

You need not to be expert into this because this are the typical software which are build and deploy you will be tickling around you will be modifying will be doing some customization for the custom so if you know the basics of any of the platforms that would be upgraded but it is not mandatory that you are expert or you know everything about this platforms. (Siddalingesh Kittur – Business Excellence Leader – Honeywell Building Solutions)

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What is the future of languages like java,.net,C# which are used even for web technologies?

In web technology the big technology is used are java script, HTML, and you have the web server like Apache web server so you have verity of the technology that pick up the web stack in that it self-keys try that happening essentially is around the fact is the application are actually becoming very easy to use so what we call rich internet application so it’s a key technology that actually defines that this is also largely something that web […]

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Which language should a student choose C/C++ or java?

Which language should a student choose C/C++ or java? (Navin Kabra – Co-Founder,BharatHealth.com)

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What are the different jobs in core programming field?

– So let me going before into that let me talk about the actual technology used once I mention the languages then that will be start familiar with the student. So first the front end basically what the website look like the interaction and the movement the animation that are happening in the website when we uses that so this largely comes in three flavors the most popular i mean HTML offcorse everything is HTML that just a basic but […]

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